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ADD:No. 106-108, Building A2, Hongtong Logistics Park, Fuyong Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province


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  • Shenzhen headquarters:
  • Address: no.106-108, building A2, Hongtong logistics park, Fuyong street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province
  • Tel: 0755-29925959
  • 13823616061 (same as wechat)
  • EMAIL:acac555@126.com
  • Business QQ: 563415992

  • Lagos Terminal:
    No. 10, Ijora Causeway, Ijora, Lagos
    +234 9090233333(Nigeria) ,+233 55 858 9574(Ghana)
    +229 69 99 99 93(Benin),
    +228 70 00 34 15 (Togo)
    Funtua Dry Port Offifice Address:
    EMOG Terminal, Industrial Zone, Funtua, Katsina, Nigeria

About ABOUT us
Management idea

Business philosophy:

Quality laurel is our joy and glory, the pursuit of the best is our goal and wish!

Globalization has become the trend of the 21st century, and international competition is becoming more and more fierce. Colleagues from all walks of life "work hard in front of us and run towards the goal of excellence" All the members of the group are of the same mind to "set great ambitions, develop great plans" and "make unremitting efforts to create better development and prospects for our colleagues"; for our service, if you are lucky enough to satisfy you, please do not hesitate to tell us that this will encourage us to have a higher service morale; if we think that we are still not perfect, we are looking forward to letting us know that we will move forward Direction and driving force for improvement, Tex is confident to be your best friend and companion in pursuit of excellence and perfection. Wish your career and "tex" will march towards the world together.

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