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  • Shenzhen headquarters:
  • Address: no.106-108, building A2, Hongtong logistics park, Fuyong street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province
  • Tel: 0755-29925959
  • 13823616061 (same as wechat)
  • EMAIL:acac555@126.com
  • Business QQ: 563415992

  • Lagos Terminal:
    No. 10, Ijora Causeway, Ijora, Lagos
    +234 9090233333(Nigeria) ,+233 55 858 9574(Ghana)
    +229 69 99 99 93(Benin),
    +228 70 00 34 15 (Togo)
    Funtua Dry Port Offifice Address:
    EMOG Terminal, Industrial Zone, Funtua, Katsina, Nigeria

Services BUSINESS center
African shipping
DDU / DDP full container and bulk cargo

Wide coverage of service areas - more than 80 countries and regions in the world have stable cooperation agents

There are many types of services - DDU / DDP customs clearance and delivery to the door; no logistics services between other two countries in China; re export logistics services via Hong Kong / Taiwan / Singapore / Dubai; overseas warehousing and logistics services provided by Europe / USA / Canada / Hong Kong to meet the needs of different types of customers!

1. Professional team - full time staff with years of operation experience;

2. Fast quotation and more choices;

3. Whether the consignee has the right to import or not can be operated by the company or the private person.

DDU / DDP shipping container

The whole process is operated by our company

After the factory starts, trailer, export customs declaration and shipping container arrive at the port of destination, the overseas agent of our company is responsible for the local import customs clearance and tax payment. After paying the local miscellaneous fees, the trailer is sent to the door, and the unloading is arranged by the consignee.

Usually suitable for: 20gp / 40gp / 40HQ full container; consignee is company and has local import right

Information to be provided for inquiry: name of goods, type of container, weight, value of goods, location of goods, delivery address, whether the consignee has the right of import, whether there is unloading platform, etc.

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