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Will community group buying affect express delivery? Shentong, Yuantong and depang responded!
发布日期: 2020-12-05 点击: 519 作者: TEX Exress
"Come and be the" team leader! "Express boy, have you been bombarded by the information that the community group buying recruits" team leaders "?

"Come and be the" team leader! "Express boy, have you been bombarded by the information that the community group buying recruits" team leaders "? Recently, Alibaba, Jingdong, pinduoduo, meituan, didi and other Internet giants have entered the community group buying Bureau and launched a fierce battle.
Will community group buying have an impact on the traditional e-commerce express delivery mode? Shentong, Yuantong and Debang express have responded on the investor interaction platform, saying that community group buying and express delivery can empower each other, which will not affect the current express delivery mode.
China's Internet may not have been so lively for a long time. The once almost extinct community e-commerce has now become the "Darling" of capital. There are not only emerging platforms such as Xingsheng, but also Internet giants such as Alibaba, Jingdong, pinduoduo, meituan, didi and so on, and even Wumart and other traditional supermarkets are ready to start. Wang Xing, CEO of meituan, said that the community group buying market is large enough and diversified enough to allow multiple participants to coexist. It is said that Liu qiangdong will lead the team in person and lead Jingdong to fight a good community group buying battle.
Boosting group purchase is novel coronavirus pneumonia. According to statistics, during this year's epidemic, almost all the orders of community group purchase have doubled year-on-year. According to the analysis of open source securities, community group buying, as a new retail mode to realize commodity circulation relying on the social relationship between the community and the leader, has realized a "more economical and convenient" shopping experience through the mode of "pre-sale + next day delivery + self delivery", and has outstanding competitiveness in the sinking market. Specifically, community group buying realizes the planning of demand side through "pre-sale", so as to improve the efficiency of supply chain. By sacrificing certain timeliness (i.e. "next day delivery"), it realizes centralized single and centralized distribution. Combined with the "self delivery" of consumers (which saves the terminal distribution cost), it significantly reduces the performance cost, and has profitability under the low customer unit price, which solves the industry pain point.

Community group buying is to transfer the fresh products which used to be purchased frequently and mainly through farmers' markets and supermarkets to the online market. It is online or store shopping + self pick-up, while the traditional e-commerce mode is online shopping + offline distribution. There are some differences between the two. Is community group buying an opportunity or a challenge for express delivery enterprises?

Shentong express related person in charge disclosed that Anhui Shentong outlets are recently carrying out community vegetable group buying business. "The impact on e-commerce express delivery depends on whether this part of online shopping comes from the original stock market or the incremental market from the business point of view. If it is a stock market, the distribution will be reduced and it will be converted into self delivery; if it is an incremental market, it will have no impact on express delivery. "

Shentong express believes that express delivery and community group buying are mutually empowering, and community group buying integrates the diverse needs of community residents. Taking the community as the base, it has driven the needs of users and formed the volume through the large-scale layout, which also provides new business opportunities for the end express outlets, especially for the promotion of express timeliness and service ability. Express terminal stores can use their own flow to set up community group purchase self pick-up point or front-end layer functions, in addition to customized express service for community group purchase, it can also accumulate specific customer resources through such a mode, improve the express service ability and enrich the express service products.

In response to "whether the business is impacted by community group buying" on the interactive platform, Yuantong Express said that at present, the cross degree of community group buying products and e-commerce platform commodities is relatively low, which will not affect the current e-commerce express mode. It is understood that in recent years, Yuantong has continued to promote the construction of Yuantong post station, encouraging franchisees to cooperate in establishing post stations and self-service cabinets, and vigorously promote the business model of "express increment + resource efficiency + business income increase", so as to realize mutual drainage between express delivery and retail, and improve the business income of franchisees and terminal stores.

"Compared with traditional e-commerce, community group buying is a shopping mode that exists according to different scene needs of consumers. It is a supplement rather than a substitute for traditional e-commerce. At present, the impact on e-commerce business of express enterprises is limited." Deppon express said on the interactive platform that the circulation of goods in the middle of community group buying has caused reconstruction of the traditional supply chain system, which has both opportunities and challenges for logistics enterprises.

In addition, it is understood that SF and ZTE are also exploring and building community group buying projects. Industry experts believe that high-frequency, public, rigid demand, deep sinking, heavy operation of community group buying will be the place of contention of Internet giants in the next two years, and many express enterprises are exploring the layout in relevant aspects, and are expected to get a piece of the cake.

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