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Logistics: the wings of consumption cycle
发布日期: 2020-12-05 点击: 493 作者: TEX Exress
In 2020, the logistics network covering China is quietly undergoing profound changes. These "roots" rooted in the land, from point to line, from wide to deep

In 2020, the logistics network covering China is quietly undergoing profound changes. These "roots" rooted in the land, from point to line, from wide to deep, are effectively extending tentacles to various fields, and continuously delivering "nourishment" for people's consumption life and economic recovery.

"When the scale effect is used to reduce costs, the supply chain is relatively single and fragile."

"Due to the limitation of rent and lease term, logistics enterprises dare not do it, let alone launch assembly lines. It is difficult to realize the" express + e-commerce + warehousing + rural logistics "mode, hoping to obtain policy support."

Intelligent combat

If the year 2019 is regarded as a year for the germination and water test of intelligent devices and 5g technology, then 2020 will be a year of scale landing and actual combat.

During the severe epidemic period in Wuhan, the unmanned vehicles of Jingdong Logistics have been shuttling through the streets of Qingshan District for 107 consecutive days, with a total mileage of more than 6800 kilometers, and transporting about 13000 packages for hospitals. The button of intelligent equipment actual combat is pressed.

Since then, meituan, hungry Mo, HEMA and rookies have been distributing intelligent dining cabinets, express unmanned vehicles and other products in some urban communities and universities, which can not only meet the consumers' desire for contactless service, but also relieve the pressure of practitioners in the distribution link to a certain extent. What is different from the past is that in 2020, these contactless devices are no longer limited to the role of "black technology" and "high-rise", but become a part of urban intelligent infrastructure, adding a sense of security and trust to people's consumption life.

But people realize that they exist because of a sudden charge. In May this year, Fengchao launched a system of charging 0.5 yuan for more than 12 hours, putting the express cabinet industry into the spotlight of public opinion for the first time. At the same time, the industry is difficult to operate and the quality of terminal delivery service is uneven. From the intense discussion of the public, the opinions of industry insiders, to the solutions of enterprises, and the statements and policies of relevant government departments, the terminal intelligent equipment represented by express cabinet is becoming an inseparable companion in people's life.

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